The Bride of the Jaeger-soldier, Rehearsal piano

Musical play

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The rewievs of the premiere, on February 17th 1921, were crushing. However, later it became one of the most successful plays in
Finland, and stayed on the National theater’s program trough spring 1925. Further the play was set up at every theater in Finland
and until 1972 it was performed 1421 times. The number of performances is remarkably high since the play was forbidden after the war.
 ”Jääkärin laulu” (the Jäger’s song) is one of the most impressive songs of the play, to which Sam’s brother Aarne Sihvo has written the lyrics.
In Sam Sihvo’s music one can hear where his influences come from: hungarian czardas, slavic valses, german marches and operettas
but also from traditional finnish melancolic folksongs.
•Rehearsal piano (979-0-8033351-52-2) Sold separately
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