Merikanto: Andante

Hymn dedicated to Jaeger-soldier

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Andante, composed 1956, is Merikanto’s last composition. The piece is originally composed for church organ. Merikanto dedicated the piece to the brave “Jägers” and “Schwesters” of the Royal Prussian 27th Jäger Battalion. The by Merikanto added subtitle “Hymni Jääkäreille” (Jäger’s Hymn) is at the same time a hommage to the memory of the Jägers with their hopes of a free home land.

•Fl 1-2, Ob, Cl 1, Cl 2, Cl 3, Cl B, Fag , A-sax, T-sax, B-sax, Cor 1 Es/F, Cor 2 Es/F, Cor 3-4 Es/F
Tr 1, Tr 2, Tr 3-4, Trb 1-2 C/B, Trb 3, Ten 1-2, Bar B/C, Tb Es/B, Tb 1-2 C, Cb, Timp. Score included.
•Keys B flat major/g-minor
•Set of parts (979-0-803351-48-5)
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